Slave Lake Temporary Housing Solution

Slave Lake Temporary Housing Solution offered by Sutcliffe Modular and Willow Creek Homes. Brian Sutcliffe

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the Slave Lake Fire Tragedy Sutcliffe Modular and Willow Creek Homes is prepared to commit up to 50,000 square feet of their production facility to the immediate and fast track construction of temporary housing for the disaster relief effort. Our location and large facility allows us to easily scale up production and we can double shift the plant to speed up the construction process.


Brian Sutcliffe is looking forward to sharing ideas with any of the nine large general partners that are making proposals for the 350 unit project.


Unlike the traditional modular home building industry that builds homes for a single placement, the Slave Lake temporary housing will need to be build and designed for more than one move and use. That is where Brian Sutcliffe, president of Sutcliffe Modular state that; "A hybrid commercial / residential modular construction style could provide the best asset life value and a foundation system could be designed to decrease set up and shipping costs."  This would also speed up delivery and simplify site reclamation.

Sutcliffe also states that it would be simple to design a smart mix of housing that could be later used for a wide variety of purposes including work force housing, recreational homes as well as permanent development. We will extend the warranty and service plan for these secondary purposes.


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